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Left to right: John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor

Queen is a British rock band which was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The group is well known for its sports anthems and classic rock radio staples, particularly the hits 'We Are the Champions' and 'Bohemian Rhapsody;' the band promoted the latter, first released in 1975, with one of the earliest successful music videos, and later re-released it for the soundtrack album from the movie Wayne's World. Queen are widely recognised as pioneers of heavy metal, glam rock, and stadium rock.

Queen Biography 1995
The year is quiet with the band busy at work until October when the new single, "Heaven for Everyone", is released. It crashes into the UK Top Twenty at number 2, and becomes a worldwide hit.

Queen Biography 1994
Roger releases his third solo album 'Happiness?', which enters the UK Chart at number 22. The proceeding single 'Nazis 1994' sparks controversy as it is refused air-play on Radio One and many shops don't sell it for fear of Neo-Nazis reprisals.

Queen Biography 1993
To coincide with the anniversary of the Tribute Concert the 'Five Live EP' is released. It features George Michael version of 'Somebody to Love' - one of the highlights of the tribute concert.

Queen Biography 1992
On the 6th February 1992 Hollywood Records release 'Bohemian Rhapsody' as a double A-side with 'The Show Must Go On'. The single reaches the number 2 position, helped along by its inclusion in the movie 'Wayne's World'. It becomes the most played song on radio in the USA for 1992.

Queen Biography 1991
Innuendo the single is released in January and crashes into the number one spot, to be later joined the same position by the Album of the same name. The video representing a compendium of styles wins numerous awards including a 'Gold Camera Award' for director Jerry Hibbet.

Queen Biography 1990
Queen receive a special BPI awards for their outstanding contribution to British music and hold a 20th anniversary party that goes on all night. The party is held at a club in Soho called Groucho's.

Queen Biography 1989
Brian starts the year on a quest to raise money for children with leukemia. He re-records "Who Wants To Live Forever" with some young aspiring singers.

Queen Biography 1988
Roger's relationship with Debbie Leng had developed to a point of them wanting to live together. The security of his children with Dominique had to be resolved though. Roger and Dominique got married on 25 January.

Queen Biography 1986
The year starts with Queen working on their next album, that would include the songs for the film 'Highlander'. As individuals they still find time to dedicate time to their own projects.

Queen Biography 1987
As far as Queen went, the first part on 1987 was very slow. Roger and John were on holiday in Los Angeles and Brian was at home, trying to sort out his personal life.

Queen Biography 1985
Queen return to South America to headline the enormous “Rock in Rio" festival in front of 250 000 people.

Queen Biography 1984
The year starts with Freddie heading to Munich in January to continue work on his solo album. At the time he felt that he needed to express things that he couldn't within the context of Queen.

Queen Biography 1983
1983 is a year of rest for the band. Since the early 70's they had been touring-recording non-stop, and the time had come to slow down.

Queen Biography 1982
The bands 12th LP "Hot Space" is released in May while they are on an extensive tour of Europe. The album was different to other albums in that it had an emphasis on funky-disco type music.

Queen Biography 1981
Queen become THE rock pioneers of South America, undertaking the first ever major stadium tour of South America. They play five stadiums in eight days in Argentina and perform to the biggest ever paying.

Queen Biography 1980
The year begins with the release of "Save Me", written by Brian and recorded at last year's session in Munich.

Queen Biography 1979
Early January see the band touring Europe. Whilst on tour their next single 'Don't Stop Me Now' is released which reaches a number 9 in the UK.

Queen Biography 1978
The year begins with "Spread Your Wings" being released - a superb John Deacon song - it unfortunately only reaches number 34, spending a mere two weeks on the chart.

Queen Biography 1977
Queen begin the year touring America - again. They add four new songs to their list from "A Day At The Races". This tour also marks the first time that Queen paly Bohemian Rhapsody in its entirety.

Queen Biography 1976
Queen reign once more in the annual music polls and Freddie receives yet another Ivor Novello award - this time for Bohemian Rhapsody - which by now has sold over 1 000 000 copies in the UK alone.

Queen Biography 1975
Queen begin the year with a relaxing holiday in Teneriffe. On January 17th their next single "Now I'm Here" is released, and eventually reaches number 11.

Queen Biography 1974
Queen have their first concerts in Australia planned for early that year and therefore undergo the usual set of preparations, including injections.

Queen Biography 1973
In February Trident arranged for Queen to do a special recording session for the BBC program "Sounds of the Seventies". It was a good opportunity for the band. As the end product would be broadcast on.

Queen Biography 1972
In January John organised a gig for Queen at Bedford College. Some friends of his at Bedford told him that it would be good. That night Queen played to just six people.

Queen Biography 1971
In January Barry decides that he no longer fitted in the band and leaves. Things were moving to slowly for his liking and he needed to earn some "real money".

Queen Biography 1970
Smile eventually disintegrates with Tim Staffell leaving and joining another band called “Humpy Bong”, who appear on Top of the Pops - once. Things hadn't been moving fast enough for his liking.